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What is a Homefront Hack-Cheat?

A Homefront hack is an application that interacts with the game “Homefront”, to give or enable powerful features like an aimbot, wallhack, or radar.

Hacks for Homefron tare usually multiplayer only. This is due to the fact that most hack users want a competitive advantage not available within the game itself. Hacks can be used to gain an advantage with a wallhack or radar hack, or can be used for a large advantage by enabling all of a hack’s features like an aimbot, no spread, no recoil, and various other features. “Raging” is a term used to describe blatantly hacking and killing as many opponents as possible.

If you’re interested in hacking in Homefront you are probably interested in what kind of hacks are possible. These can range from an aimbot that makes headshots incredibly easy, to a wallhack, to grenade esp, a weapon “no spread” or “no recoil” hack, to audible alerts when a player is approaching behind you.

While anti-cheat in the form of punkbuster exists in Homefront, it has not proven to be very effective, and you’ll find a hacker in just about every game server you join. Today hack websites have many thousands of members, and release new versions of their hacks regularly. Most people today choose to use private hacks as they are more difficult for anti-cheat companies to acquire and reverse engineer.

If you are worried about receiving a ban, then there are a few things we should clear up. When you are banned from a server by an admin, you are not banned from all servers, only the one you were banned on. In ban messages many server administrators claim that your cheat has been detected, or that you have received a global ban. This is not so. The only cases where you have been banned from all servers are when you are repeatedly kicked upon joining various punkbuster enabled servers. In may cases these kicks can also be caused by a problem on your computer preventing punkbuster from functioning

AimJunkies Homefront cheats are being updated frequently, with newer and better features. Aimbots are becoming more powerful all the time, with better aiming prediction, reduced weapon spread and recoil.

Homefront hacks cheats and aimbots flyer $10.95 a month



Features for Homefront Cheat:

3D Radar:
– Auto Aim
– Auto Fire
– Smooth Aim
– Limit Angle
– Use Aim Key
– Prediction
– Visibility Check
– Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list, Health)
– Aim Bone (Bone Scan, Head, Chest)
– Aim on Friendly
– Aim on Enemy
– Aim on Vehicle
– Max Distance
– Draw Targed Info

3D Radar:
– 2D Box
– Box Size
– 2D Line
– Player Name ESP
– Player Distance ESP
– Player Health ESP
– Show Friendly
– Show Enemy
– Show Vehicle
– Max Distance

– Customizable Enemy Invisible color
– Customizable Enemy Visible color
– Customizable Enemy Vehicle color
– Customizable Friendly Invisible color
– Customizable Friendly Visible color
– Customizable Friendly Vehicle color
– Customizable Crosshair color
– Customizable Menu color

2D Radar:
– Show Radar
– Show Cross
– Show Window
– Show Dot
– Show Friendly
– Show Enemy
– Show Vehicle
– Radar Scale

– Crosshair (None, Cross, Dot, T-Cross)
– Draw Resolution
– Draw FPS
– Draw Time
– Draw Watermark
– Warning System
– Triggerbot
– Use Trigger Key
– No Recoil

– Customizable Radar position with the mouse
– Customizable Menu position with the mouse

– Customizable Menu Key
– Customizable Aim Key
– Customizable Trigger Key

– Save settings
– Load settings

– HackShield Undetected
– Secure Hack Streaming System

– 24/7 Multilingual Technical Support
– 100% Uptime
– Frequent Hack Updates
– Great Community
– Friendly Staff
– Active Coders

Game Info

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THQ announced a tie-in novel, Homefront: The Voice of Freedom, written by John Milius and Raymond Benson, that follows a group of reporters making their way across America, exploring the early days of the occupation. The book involves characters from the game and sets the stage for its story. The book was released ahead of the game on January 25, 2011 as part of a “vast transmedia strategy” for Homefront.


The soundtrack for the game was composed by Matthew Harwood.

Homefront: Songs For The Resistance

Soundtrack album by Various




Video game music, deathcore, metalcore



Track listing

1.”War Ensemble” – As I Lay Dying (Originally by Slayer) (4:51)
2.”Fight the Power” – The Dillinger Escape Plan featuring Chuck D (Originally by Public Enemy) (3:57)
3.”Uprising” – iwrestledabearonce (Originally by Muse) (4:16)
4.”War Pigs” – The Acacia Strain (Originally by Black Sabbath) (8:15)
5.”One” – Periphery (Originally by Metallica) (7:12)
6.”Fortunate Son” – The Ghost Inside (Originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival) (2:29)
7.”For What It’s Worth” – Winds of Plague (Originally by Buffalo Springfield) (2:40)
8.”Us and Them” – Misery Signals (Originally by Pink Floyd) (7:41)
9.”Masters of War” – Arsonists Get All the Girls (Originally by Bob Dylan) (4:15)
10.”War” – Oceano (Originally by Edwin Starr) (3:58)
11.”Sunday Bloody Sunday” – Veil of Maya (Originally by U2) (4:25)



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