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DayZ Hacks and Cheats

Our Dayz hacks and cheats are fully customizable with user friendly scripts

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ArmA 2 / DayZ Hack

The Aimjunkies ArmA 2, or Dayz Hack is now here!  We are in progress of adding more features and fixing bugs.

Here is a list of the features we currently have added:

Heal – Dieing? Need blood? This is the route to go. This resets your health back to 1200 so you have time to bandage yourself! Blood bags and transfusions are no longer needed!

2D Map Markers – Traveling in Dayz can be a pain, so this adds markers for you and all players currently in-game to your map. This even adds markers of zombies who are near you! This will allow you to locate and travel easier while in-game.

Teleport – Yes, that’s right! This feature allows you to teleport anywhere on your map! You can use this to go back to wherever you died, go to a friend, or just get somewhere you want to go instantly!

Weapons – Finding weapons on Dayz, or good ones anyway, can be quite difficult. This feature gives you any weapon that you desire! Sniper rifles, Handguns, Assault Rifles, you name it, you got it!

Ammo –  Running outta ammo on your M9? Need some extra clips for your M4A1? Easily give yourself some ammo on the go, and never run dry again!

Medical Items – Did you run out of bandages? Need morphine? Friend unconscious and needs an Epi-Pen? Just spawn whatever you need!

Player Items – Having troubles finding a Map, GPS, watch, or some Night Vision Goggles? Just add them to your inventory with great ease!

Food and Drink – Stomach gurgling? Throat dry? Just add some cooked sirloin steak, canned beans, some Soda, or just a cold bottle of Water! Anything that satisfies your needs!

Vehicles – Can’t ever find those parts for the ATV? Did you crash your car, and make it unusable? Just spawn another one! You can spawn over 20 different DayZ vehicles and boats! You can even spawn the UH1H Huey! Yep. Even a helicopter. How’s that for a vehicle?

Player Shield – Having trouble killing the bandit? You might come across one every now and then, and in a game like Dayz, one shot and your a goner! Flip on player shield, and any player that comes within the radius is road kill! Literally, flies will be on the body and everything.

Zombie Shield – Even with all the guns and ammo you can wish for, zombie hordes attacking you from all angles can be a difficult assault to repel. All you gotta do in times of trouble is turn on Zombie Shield. With it, you will be able to repel anything! Zombies won’t even be able to touch you!

Custom Scripts – Even with our amazing coders, and all the time they have and will put into this hack, there is always going to be some script that you want that’s not in the DayZ hack. Our menu’s are 100% configurable, and you can add, or even remove for that matter, all the scripts you want! If you have a script that we don’t have added, just put it in and it will work!

ArmA 2 – Our hack was specifically made for DayZ, but even so, you can add scripts for any game, like Zargabad Life, or Warfare BE.

New Features – We at AJ are currently In-Progress of updating and polishing the hack, and will be adding tons of new features all the time!


You can watch our Aimjunkies DayZ Hack Preview on YouTube, HERE.

You can purchase the hack easily through PayPal, and INSTANTLY receive access, no activation period, no waiting, nothing!
Our cheat was made specifically to suit each and every user. If there is something that you want and we don’t have it, just request it and it can be easily added! On behalf of everyone at Aimjunkies, we hope you test out our hack, give feedback, and just overall enjoy yourselves!


That’s right! Everybody from Aimjunkies is glad to present a brand new ARMA 2 / Dayz full VIP cheat!



The game (ARMA 2) runs on the Real Virtuality Engine version 3. Our hack will

support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  • Max Blood – Replenish any blood lost
  • Remove Pain – You no longer need painkillers
  • Remove Infection – No need for anti-biotics
  • Remove Hunger – No need for food
  • Remove Thirst – No need for drinks
  • Temperature – Stabilize your Temp.
  • Remove Arm/Leg Fractures – Removes broken bones
  • No unconsciousness – Become Awake Again
2D Map:
  • Adds Markers and Names for players on your In-Game Map
Give/Spawn Object:
  • Spawn Vehicles – Spawn Vehicles (Tanks/Humvee’s) right next to you!
  • Spawn Building – Buildings magically appear next to you
  • Spawn Landscape – Magic Hills!
  • Spawn A.I. – Spawn Soldiers for your army
  • Spawn Animals – Deer! Rabits! Birds!
Give Skin:
  • Give Skins (like Camo or Ghillie Suit)
  • Ammo – Get 5 Clips to your equipped weapon
  • Weapons – Spawn hundreds of weapons!
  • Auto-Reload – Auto-Reload your Weapons
  • Health Items – Spawn items like Morphine, heat packs, blood bags, etc..)
  • Bob the Builders Tool Set – Give yourself tons of tools (Map, GPS, Compass,Radio, Watch , Knife, Toolbox, NV Goggles and tons more!
  • Enable and click anywhere (ANYWHERE) on the map, and you getautomatically transported there instantly!
  • Fully BattlEye Secure!
  • Script Detection Bypass
  • Secure Anti-Leak Streaming Program
If you buy this cheat, you automatically get the following cheats from us! 100%free of charge!
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War
  • Section 8: Prejudice
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